About Us

SGThompson have gathered together a wealth of professional, experienced and knowledgeable consultants that have the skills to understand and develop people/organisations to their full potential.

Our Purpose

To develop and deliver 1st class training / consultancy and a 1st class photographic service for the benefit of agencies and organisations worldwide involved in Forensic Crime scene investigation / Crisis and Disaster management.

Our Objectives

The key objectives of SGThompson are to:

  • promote forensic expertise, innovation and service delivery nationally and internationally.
  • provide leadership and contribute to the development of forensic  Crime scene investigation/ Crisis and Disaster management training to support the justice system.
  • to deliver a 1st class photographic service.

Our Vision

To be recognised, nationally and internationally, as a valued contributor to Forensic Crime scene investigation/ Crisis and Disaster management training / Photography through:

  • integrity underpinned by adherence to ethical and professional best practice.
  • excellence in training by providing a one-stop shop to meet the needs of the Forensic and crisis/disaster management community.
  • innovation in development and implementation of technologies relevant to the practice of forensic crime scene investigation and Crisis and Disaster management training.
  • to be involved in the ongoing development of organisations in Forensic Crime scene investigation/ Crisis and Disaster management through education and training.