SGThompson is a provider of consulting services specialising in forensic and disaster management guidance and advice to Governments, the emergency services, business and educational organisations worldwide.

Our services are offered worldwide and our consultants have experience of working with projects throughout the UK, Europe, Africa, North America and the Middle East.

Our consultants have years of operational / hands on experience in the area of Forensic Crime scene investigation and Crisis/Disaster management, protecting business critical infrastructure and assets with the expertise to carry out bespoke assessments identifying critical interventions, utilising the experience in assessment, prevention, preparedness, response, recovery and quality assurance.

Our consultant’s primary aim is to offer clients a cost effective range of forensic and crisis/disaster management solutions that will help your organisation to identify risks and provide a resolution in the fastest and most cost effective.

SGThompson consultancy services support the prevention, protection, response, assurance and recovery cycle, ensuring business and corporate reputation survival.

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