Insurance Photography

Research has shown that the items missed the most  can be irreplaceable family mementoes and heirlooms with a sentimental or historical value.

Should they be lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair, they can never be replaced and the loss to a family member is great, but a photograph taken of the original image can go a great way to assisting that person in their loss, preserving the image digitally.

Close your eyes…..Picture your home, office or workplace ransacked and items missing after a fire, flood or burglary.

Can you remember everything in it, room by room?

Can you describe the items that were there accurately ?

Can you prove that you had them?

If the answer to any of those questions is NO, realise that these are similar questions, that your insurance company will ask before settling any claim that you should have against them, should you suffer a full or partial loss of your home/ office or workplace and its contents.

SG Thompson will professionally photograph your valuable contents within your home / business.

Price: Discussed on application.