Photographic services

Architectural Photography.

The aim of a good architectural photograph is to capture the image and essence of the building, internally and externally, to show it at its full potential through its design and use of materials, to make a statement and show it at its absolute best.

Architectural Photography is not just in the taking of the image, but creating a piece of art, each photograph takes time to produce from its initial composition and to its final completion that the client can be proud of.

Automotive Photography.

Automotive photography is a wide and diverse medium, from keeping that forecourt of cars online and looking good to showcasing the latest models to updating local press columns.

SGThompson has established a proven track record in many areas of photography and comes with high regard for his automotive photography and is the go to photographer for many businesses across the world.

Dealership vehicle imaging service targets a cost effective solution to your online vehicle market place, the value of taking professional photographs is very important in order to highlight and showcase your new and used cars that you have in stock in the best possible way. Architectural


Event Photography.

I have a vast amount of experience in conference, award ceremonies, trade shows, company and brand launch events, as well as networking, black tie and lecture events through to christenings, birthdays and that special event you would like to have recorded, photographically.

I can help you to promote your event whether a corporate or private event,  I will record it photographically, so that you have the best possible photographs to use to promote your event on your website or future use for advertising your business.

Images can usually be supplied within 48 hours.

My quotes vary depending on the needs of each booking, such as date, time and location, I always try to keep the competitive, all rates include editing.

Please feel free to get in touch, should you have any questions.

Evidential Photography.

A photograph can be an essential part of a case or claim and if taken correctly can bring it alive, whether it involves personal injury, negligence or damage to property, product failure or vehicle collision damage, accidental of deliberate, we will work closely with you to carefully record

photographically all aspects of the evidence that is required.

Photographs are taken not only to preserve the evidence, but with an understanding of how best to assist you in portraying, what to identify in the photograph, it is not only the equipment that is a factor, but the experience and knowledge of the photographer behind the viewfinder.

You can be rest assured that you will be in safe hands, guided at all times in all aspects of best practice, knowledge by experienced photographers, providing you with the highest standard of evidential photography at all times.


SGThompson will undertake photographic commissions across the world.



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