Education and Training

SGThompson make sure that our training is as close and relevant to your working environment as possible, combining traditional techniques with state-of-the-art advancements in technology to create a classroom and practical hands on atmosphere that is comfortable, yet challenging for the individual in search of opportunities to enhance and advance their career.

We have an extensive network of experts and practitioners from a wide range of forensic and Crisis/Disaster management disciplines, that we believe set the benchmark for other training establishments to aspire to, participants would learn from national and international recognised forensic and Disaster management experts.

We take the time to understand your training needs, a training needs analysis will be undertaken to identify that you are asking for the right type of training, where you are at this moment in time and where you would like to be in the future by guiding and advising you to take the best informed decision.

SGThompson will design, develop and deliver Forensic crime scene investigation and crisis/disaster management modules/short courses, seminars and consultancy services for Universities, colleges and schools across the World and has been at the forefront of training within the education sector for a number of years, so with this experience and knowledge, we have made the training flexible to your individual needs.

*Forensics for Fun Workshops for Schools.

The Forensic/crime scene/fingerprint workshops have been specifically designed to engage children of all ages and abilities, especially those in the 7 to 15 years old category, so they can develop an appreciation and awareness of Forensic Science at an early age, that may inspire them to take up further studies in a science related subject and possibly pursue a career in this area in the future.

Benefits of the Forensic/crime scene/fingerprint workshops will allow them to practice Science – Key Stage skills, that will motivate and help them to achieve a number of outcomes such as team building, using their initiative, to raising aspirations/ambitions, also helping them to meet challenges that they encounter head on and solve problems that can occur during the workshop, increasing their knowledge and understanding of Forensic and Crime Scene Science in a wider context.

A Unique, informative day that will give an insight into the fascinating world of Forensics and Crime Scene Science that will be overseen by an experienced and knowledgeable tutor, but one of the most important outcomes to the day is that they will be having fun, whilst learning.

SGThompson has an established reputation for training within the education sector, we never compromise on quality and we aim to be competitive with our pricing policy, there are no hidden costs – all materials, travel and other expenses are included in the price that is quoted in the initial fee.


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