Foundation Course In Evidence Photography – 3 Day Course.

Foundation Course In Evidence Photography – 3 Day Course.

This course has been specifically designed to develop the evidential photographic and scene documentation skills of the incident scene photographer, such as the emergency services officer [ Police, Fire and ambulance ] or security officer, who need to document scenes / evidence using photography.

This course is well suited for the investigator, who has no knowledge with camera equipment or how to document evidence photographically and would like to enhance their skills using fundamental photographic principles and basic techniques that are used in photo-documenting evidence, as long as the student has a basic understanding of digital cameras – how to turn it on/off – focus and take a photograph – the student will learn and benefit attending the course.

SG Thompson offer an engaging and innovative evidence photography workshop that will motivate the investigator on all levels, in assisting the attendee to record valuable and important photographs of evidence before it is lost, thereby assisting a subsequent investigation in a court of law or a company enquiry.

The attendee will gain knowledge of: 

1.   Duties and responsibilities of an evidence photographer / how to take evidential photographs.

2.   Principles of camera operation.

3.   Correct lens selection.

4.   Flash and lighting techniques.

5.   Technical requirements for evidence /scene photography.

6.   Understand the important advantages of Digital Photography / imaging issues.

7.   Photography and scene documentation.

8.   Identifying special equipment and accessories.

9.   Equipment care and maintenance.

10.  Develop, follow and analyse a company policy on evidence photography.

11.  Basic Forensic scene awareness.

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