Smart phone photography for 1st responders

The Smartphone Photography Course for 1st responders [ Police / Fire / Ambulance and Security officers ] has been created to provide an easy to use guide to unlocking the potential of a piece of equipment that will take a photograph that you already own and have with you constantly.

Smart phones are constantly evolving and becoming more and more sophisticated, as are the built in cameras that they come equipped with.

While many of us just use the Smartphone to take basic point-and-click photographs, they are capable of so much more, with just a little more understanding of photography principles and techniques, the course will give the 1st responder the basics of understanding the smartphone they are using to capture images in a 1st responder context to a police standard.

Incident / Crime scene photography remains one of the most important aspects of any investigation. Whereas notes and sketches document items of interest that the investigator recognizes and records, a properly trained Incident photographer will photographically record everything of significance at a  scene that is visualised in the viewfinder.

A permanent photographic record can prove invaluable days, months, and even years after the incident, failure to obtain images while at the incident of the scene in general or a piece of evidence, will likely result in the photograph not being accepted by the court, and thus being deemed unsuitable for presentation to the court.

This 2-day course is designed for all 1st responder personnel, who are charged with taking incident / crime scene photographs and / or presenting the images in judicial and administrative proceedings.

The course involves classroom lecture on photography theory and concepts followed by hands-on exercises.