SG Thompson is based in the United Kingdom in the North East of England, with the ability to travel worldwide at short notice.

I provide a bespoke evidential photographic service, specialising in Accident / Asset / Audit / Injury / Insurance / Medical negligence and Vehicle collision photography to Lawyers, Solicitors, Insurance companies and private individuals on request.

I also provide public safety, security, fire and crisis /disaster evidential photography to government departments, non-government organisations, emergency services and private companies [such as Aviation, Education, Travel and Hospitality ] worldwide.

A Photograph is taken not only to preserve the evidence, but with an understanding of how best to assist the client in portraying, what they want to identify in the photograph, it is not only the equipment that is a factor, but the experience and knowledge of the photographer behind the viewfinder.

An evidential photographic record of an item / incident can be an essential part of a subsequent investigation or inquiry and if photographed correctly can bring it alive, whether it involves loss of life, personnel injury, damage, accidental or deliberate.

All evidential photograph work is undertaken by myself and comes with a comprehensive supporting witness statement.

I do not post evidential photographs I have taken on this website, as they are confidential to the individual client.